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Japan’s Ocean Dome, Man-Made Indoor Beach

By ayeriff in : Beach Resorts, Best Beach Vacation, Best World Destination // Mar 9 2012

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 1

Japanese people well known as a creative in made some inventions, like the artificial beach named Japan’s Ocean Dome.The world’s one and only indoor beach can be found about 1,200 miles south of Tokyo in Miyazaki, on Japan’s southernmost Kyushu Island. The water is always blue and salt-free, waves are perfectly timed, sharks are elsewhere, and its never too hot, or cold, to take a dip.

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 2

Japan’s Ocean Dome even has its own marble sand and a volcano that spits fake flames every hour, on the hour. Shores are sanitized; permitting surfers to drip-dry in the perfect climate, which never varies, day and night, every day of the year.

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 3

The Ocean Dome also boasts the world’s largest retractable roof.

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 4

The beach sits inside a vast dome that measures 300 x 100 meters (984 feet x 328 feet). The heated ocean sends 13,500 tons of salt-free water sweeping across 600 tons of polished marble chips that comprise a long shoreline.

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 5

The world’s largest artificial sea washes over the world’s biggest indoor beach, fringed with artificial fish and fauna.

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 6

Bogus parrots ruffle their feathers and squawk at tourists from the rainforest that has no rain.

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 7

There are no bugs here or sun burns either. But like most things in life, entrance into this paradise costs. Visitors pay with payment tokens that are computer-coded plastic tags. Admission runs about US $50 for adults, with rides running $5-10 more. Add $10 more for two hours with a boogie board, or $5 for two hours of inner tube rental.

Japan's Ocean Dome, Great Architecture Man-Made Indoor Beach 8

Visitors are offered many diversions in the form of shopping centers tennis courts and golf courses. On the other side of the beach is the plastic rainforest, where guests can travel among holographic sea pirates, demons and dinosaurs.



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